Program Task Description

Category 1: Aleo ZK Gaming

Prize allocation breakdown

Total of $30,000 split amongst ten different prizes (like in a science fair):

  • ZK-maxi: One prize of $12,500
  • ZK-expert: One prize of $7,500
  • ZK-advanced: Five prizes of $2,000

Category 2: ZK for enabling mobile use cases

Best use of ZK for enabling mobile use-cases. For example, improvements to mobile hw support (for more information see Celo’s Plumo, zk-SNARK based system that allows mobile and resource constrained nodes on the Celo network to sync to the Celo blockchain faster and with less data) or any other lightweight client type support.

Prize: $5,000 (award provided by Celo)

Self-Selected Tasks

Prize: Up to $3000 for 1st place, Up to $2000 for 2nd place and Up to $1000 for 3rd place.

Category 3: Polkadot PoCs, Papers & More

We seek proof-of-concept cryptographic back ends, or interesting student papers or pre-specs, which should be Polkadot flavored in the broadest possible sense.

As proof-of-concept code: Anything novel goes, provided the prover and verifier use Arkworks or Rust more generally. Avoid smart contract languages or higher-level platform specific zk languages. A few ideas include…

  • Games:
  • Batch verifiers:
  • Avoid full ZK roll ups though

Student papers or pre-specs: A few ideas include…

  • User-collator MPC:
  • Exploit user-collator anonymity:
  • Inter-collator MPC:

For full details refer to this page


1st Prize: $5k
2nd Prize: $3k
3rd Prize: $2k

Plus - Winners are nominated for admission to the Polkadot Blockchain Academy being held this summer at Berkeley; more details here

Category 4: Mantle Bounties

Mantle is a high-performance Ethereum layer-2 network with modular design, low fees & high security.

ZKP on Mantle ($5,000 in bounties)

This bounty seeks to reward innovative projects that leverage ZKP technology to improve the web3 ecosystem. We will consider any ZKP application deployed on Mantle, but here are some ideas:

  1. Decentralized Identity and Authentication: Develop an application that allows users to prove their identity and authenticate without revealing their personal information using ZKP.
  2. Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing: Build an application that enables secure and privacy-preserving data sharing between multiple parties using ZKP (e.g. anonymous DAO voting)
  3. DeFi dApp: Develop a ZKP-based DeFi dApp that can enable efficient and scalable transactions while preserving user privacy and security.
  4. Gaming and NFT dApps: Build gaming or NFT applications that leverage the scalability and security benefits of Mantle and ZKP technology. These applications can enable private game state or augment on-chain logic with verifiable off-chain computation. Users can develop new infrastructure for ZK-enabled games or build games on top of existing ZK tooling.


1st Prize: $2,500
2nd Prize: $1,500
3rd Prize: $1,000


  • All submissions must be deployed on Mantle testnet
  • A video demo and GitHub repo must be submitted
  • Link to your contract on the Mantle Explorer

Judging Criteria: Overall quality of the submission, including innovation, impact on the web3 ecosystem, and technical feasibility.